For its research, Sourced relies on a multitude of reliable international and local public record sources, proprietary databases, credit reports, media archives and other on- and offline sources.


Our reporting is descriptive and concise. Our reports are objective and non-biased and we are transparent about our sources. As reflected in the company name, all information provided in our reports is sourced.


We conduct interviews with industry experts and well-placed sources in the relevant business sector to corroborate and further expand on the public record information, turning data into knowledge.


Whether you are temporarily in need of extra research capacity to manage a peak in your workflow, or you would like to outsource the management of a complex multi-jurisdictional research project, Sourced can step in and meet your needs.

Creating transparency in business

For its research, Sourced relies on a multitude of reliable public record sources as well as information from industry experts.

Public record sources include national and global media databases, national company registration databases, academic sources, databases containing litigation records, property registers with land and mortgage titles, commercial company databases, credit reports, shipping registers, aviation databases and many other official and commercial sources, as well as the broader internet, including the deep web. When considered relevant, we may also access non-digitalised records manually.

Some of these sources are freely available to the public, while others can be accessed through paid subscriptions. Although published to promote accountability, public records are too often not that easily accessible due to bureaucratic hurdles, language barriers, gatekeepers, paywalls, user-unfriendly databases or buried registers. Our research experience in multiple jurisdictions, combined with creativity, cultural insight, persistence and wit, helps finding those hard-to-access documents intended to create a transparent business society. 

Our added value lies furthermore in the interpretation and analysis of this wealth of information and in the art of its research: cross-referencing source information and finding creative approaches to difficult research tasks, while always considering the source, the value and the ultimate origin of the data.

Where required, we conduct interviews with industry experts and well-placed sources to corroborate and further expand on the public record information, turning data into knowledge.

We are continuously expanding our network and our database of public record sources, to help our clients make informed decisions.

Proprietary databases

We subscribe to multiple proprietary databases. These source aggregators often make the difference in an investigation and speed up the research considerably. We always strive to have access to all public records and tools available in a local market.


Although we work mainly in Europe, through our trusted network we can offer expert research around the globe. We know how important it is to have jurisdictions covered by local researchers, who understand country-specific possibilities and pitfalls and who can interpret the data in its local context.


We speak five European languages in-house and through our close network of European partners we can offer expert research in most European languages.


All our research work is aimed at finding the facts, establishing truth and providing a solid basis for important business decisions. We create transparency in an often times opaque business world.   

Our integrity services

Through in-depth and customised research, Sourced provides services for professionals that deal with integrity risks on a daily basis. We offer a range of integrity solutions for corporate clients, in particular for compliance departments, risk management consultancies and legal counsel. We conduct specialised open source and public record research, discreet enquiries or detailed interviews in context of the following services:

Investigative Due diligence

Our in-depth public record review will provide you with a solid understanding of a company’s public profile and reputation prior to investing. 

Pre-employment screening

Prior to trusting your company into the hands of a new C-Suite executive, we will assist you by reviewing their background, career, public profile and reputation.

Asset tracing

We are experts at tracing high value assets through in-depth research of public record information in multiple jurisdictions and languages. 

litigation support

Corporate litigation, disputes, suspicions of money laundering, fraud, corruption, IP infringement or reputation damage. We help you to find the facts.

Our principal jurisdictions

Sourced has in-house multilingual research capacity. Our focus lies primarily on the BENELUX, DACH, IBERIAN and NORDICS markets. Nevertheless, our bespoke services cover the globe through a network of dedicated partners for research in almost all jurisdictions and languages.

A selection of cities where we support our clients through our trusted network of research partners:

Professional membership organisations

Sourced is a member of the following organisations:

IR Global

IR Global is a multi-disciplinary professional services network that provides legal, accountancy, financial advice to companies and individuals around the world. Our membership consists of the highest quality boutique and mid-sized firms who service the mid-market. Firms which are focused on partner led, personal service and have extensive cross border experience.

The Council of International Investigators

Established in 1955, our collective skill set covers virtually every aspect of the investigative spectrum and our individual members are known worldwide for their expertise. Our standards for membership are among the most rigorous in the profession.

OneAnswer European Research Partners

OneAnswer is a pan-European network of market and corporate intelligence professionals. We support companies and organisations in both gathering pertinent information and data as well as deriving the profound insights needed to drive profitable growth, strengthen your competitive advantage, and promote sustained business development.


Swissintell is a nonprofit organisation. Our goal is to connect all information professionals in Switzerland and provide a single entry-point for the Swiss Intelligence community. Since 2006, we have organised over 50 networking events in Zurich and Geneva.

Your point of contact

Sourced’s founder and managing consultant is Ronald Bosman.
Prior to founding Sourced in 2012, Ronald worked as a consultant with the Amsterdam corporate investigations team of a leading international risk management and investigations consultancy, where he managed enhanced multi-jurisdictional due diligence projects and complex investigations in support of litigation. Ronald started his career with the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has lived and worked in the Netherlands, Spain, Venezuela, Colombia and the United States, before moving to the Swiss Alps to set up Sourced. Ronald holds a masters degree in history from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands and is an ACAMS certified anti-money laundering specialist. He speaks English, Dutch, Spanish and German.

Ronald Bosman

Managing Consultant and Research Specialist

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